• Take These Precautions If Using Chemical Drain Cleaners

    Many plumbers recommend against using chemical drain cleaners, since the chemicals they contain may eat away not only at the gunk that's clogging your drain, but at your pipes as well. However, there are times when you're in a pinch and need a quick fix for a clogged drain, and pouring in a chemical drain cleaner can do the trick. Follow these tips to protect your pipes and your health when using chemical drain cleaner. [Read More]

  • Crabapple Tree Diseases And Pruning Diseased Trees

    If your flowering crabapple tree has dark spots or its leaves are falling prematurely, your tree has a disease. Below you'll learn about common crabapple tree diseases and how you can prune your tree back to health. Scab This fungal disease thrives during wet weather and cooler temperatures. The first indication of apple scab is dark colored spots on the leaves. As the fungus progresses, a fuzzy substance will appear on the leaf stems and foliage. [Read More]

  • Etch Your Windows To Keep Out The Heat This Summer

    If you are searching for a way to cut your cooling bills during summer, you should learn more about applying a treatment to your windows. Window films do a great job at rejecting solar radiation that heats the interior of your home, but not everyone likes the reduced lighting that also comes along with many films. However, if you are searching for a way to reduce the amount of heat coming into your home, yet you would like to maintain a brightly-lit interior, consider etching your windows. [Read More]

  • 3 Airflow Issues That Reduce Your Gas Furnace's Efficiency

    You expect your gas furnace to keep your home warm every winter. However, since you haven't taken time to properly maintain your furnace over the past few years, it just doesn't seem to operate as efficiently as it once did. As a result, you have to leave your furnace active for hours at a time before your home becomes warm and comfortable—which is a sure sign of an airflow problem. Instead of continuing to use your inefficient furnace, inspect it for these problems and perform or arrange for the necessary repairs. [Read More]

  • 4 Tips For Preventing Thieves From Breaking Into Your Garage

    Approximately 9% of burglaries occur by criminals breaking in through garages. In many cases, criminals were easily able to enter garages to gain access inside the homes, but there are ways to prevent this. If you do not have a home security system, but want to protect your home, you may want to start by following these tips relating to your garage door. Get a Garage Door Opener If you do not already have a motorized garage door opener, you should hire a garage door repair company to install one for you. [Read More]

  • 2 Do-It-Yourself Methods For Unclogging A Plugged Toilet

    Having a toilet is a necessity, but because toilets get so much use, they are prone to clogs. You can avoid many types of clogs by using caution with what you place inside the fixture, but this will not stop every clog from happening. If you experience problems with your toilet and want to try to fix the problem yourself, you could try one of these do-it-yourself methods. Each is simple to use, and neither method requires a plunger. [Read More]

  • 4 Signs You Need To Replace Your Driveway

    Has your driveway seen better days? Over time, many driveways crack and erode. Some cracks and breaks are more severe than others are. You can repair and apply a topcoat to minor cracks, but if your driveway has severely deteriorated, you may need to completely replace it. While it may require a significant investment, it's a necessity. Driveways are usually a prominent property feature, and an unattractive one can ruin the curb appeal of even the best looking home. [Read More]