New Custom Home Design Ideas To Give You Functional Features

Posted on: 10 December 2020

The design of your home can have many functional features. The benefit of building a new custom home is that the features can be exactly what your family needs. You may want to add design features like passive heating and cooling or an open-concept design for the main living space. You also want to consider the design features outside your home with outdoor living space. The following design ideas will help you add more functional features to your new custom home.

Open-Concept Designs for Main Spaces

If you want your home to have an interior design that flows together, an open-concept design is essential. This is the modern design trend of open areas for the main living space. Some of the areas where you will want to have the open-concept design include:

  • Kitchens that are open to other gathering areas
  • Open family rooms that open up to outdoor living space
  • Dining areas that are connected or integrated into kitchen designs
  • Living rooms that connect to other main spaces in your home

The open concept will make your home feel more spacious and inviting. This can also be a great solution for passive energy designs that you may want to do with your home.

Outdoor Living Designs That Combine the Interiors  

Today, the outdoor living space is trendy in custom home designs. The good news about this trend is that the outdoor living space is timeless and will add real value to your home. Therefore, you may want to integrate the interiors of your home into an outdoor living space when your home is being built. This will help give your home more useful spaces that are integrated into the architecture.

Solutions for More Efficient Passive Heating and Cooling

The heating and cooling for your home can be a major annual cost that you want to reduce. Therefore, when designing your custom home, you want to consider passive energy designs. Some of the options for passive heating and cooling include:

  • Solar towers with stairways and high windows to allow heat to escape
  • More glass in areas that get the most sun during the winter months
  • Areas of exterior foundation walls below soil elevations in main living spaces

The passive energy designs need to be created when your home is built to maximize savings. Talk to your builder about options to improve your home's energy design while it is being built.

Extra Spaces for the Specific Needs of Your Family

There may be spaces that you need or want for the specific needs of your family. These extra features can be things like home theaters, an office, or a wine cellar. What essential spaces does your family need when you move into your home? Those should be completed now. The nonessential spaces can be future home improvement projects, but you can plan the design of your home for them now.

The functional features you add to your custom home design will give you more from your investment. Contact a custom home builder to discuss these options for the design of your new home.