Installing A Fence On A Slope: Two Factors To Consider

Posted on: 31 May 2019

If your property is on a hill or other sloped surface, you can still have a fence installed on the property. However, keep in mind that there are certain measures you'll need to deal with that you would be able to avoid with a fence installation on a flat surface. Learn more about these measures so that you will be better prepared for your new fence installation.

Safety and Security

Consider the level of safety and security you need with the fence, particularly if you have small children or pets that will roam around the yard. Slopped fences are installed in one of two styles: raked or steeped. Racked fencing is a style of fence designed specifically for use on sloped land because it is designed at an angle. 

As a result, each panel is designed to fit flush with the angle of the slope, which means that there aren't any gaps between the base of the fence and the ground. The other option is a stepped style fence. A stepped style is achieved when traditional fencing panels are used, such as those designed for use on flat surfaces. 

In many instances, the traditional panels are less costly than raked fences; however, since they aren't designed with an angle, they will leave a considerable amount of space between the fence and ground. If you have safety and security concerns, a raked fence is always the better option. 

Fence Style

You can choose any style of fence you want. However, understand that not every fence style is the best option for a sloped design in terms of aesthetics. For example, consider a wood privacy fence with an intricate lattice design at the top. This style of fence looks best when the lattice design is even around the perimeter of the fence. With a sloped fence, it's harder to match up the fence precisely given the height differences. 

For enhanced privacy, a taller solid wood fence without the lattice might be a more attractive option, as it will look more uniform, given the height differences, and still give you the privacy you're looking for. However, keep in mind that should you choose a raked fence style, you might be able to get away with an intricate design given the built-in angle considerations of the panels. Given the special design and installation requirements of this type of fence, it's always best to let a professional handle the matter for you. Inaccurate measurement of the slope or poor panel placement of the fence will shorten its lifespan and cause the fence to look bad. 

Contact a fencing installation professional for assistance and advice on what fence to choose for your slope.