Common Hot Water Heater Problems

Posted on: 6 March 2019

Although you can thoroughly clean your body with cold water and soap, there is something about using warm water that results in greater satisfaction. Many problems can arise when the water in a house suddenly becomes cold and does not heat up as it should. For instance, scrubbing debris off of dirty dishes is more difficult to do when you are forced to use cold water. The most common reason for such problems to develop with hot water is due to the water heater malfunctioning, but it can usually be repaired in a timely manner by calling a technician to request assistance. Continue reading this article to learn helpful information about problematic electric water heaters.

Sometimes an Indirect Problem is Present

When it comes to an electric water heater malfunctioning, it is sometimes the result of something else being wrong that is indirectly attached to it. For instance, the electrical panel in your house could possibly be the root cause of the problem. You will need to check the panel to find out if there are tripped circuit breakers, as turning them back on might resolve the water heater issue. There might also be an electrical wiring problem present, such as within the outlet that the water heater is plugged into. You might need to hire an electrician to repair the damaged wires so the water heater can begin working as it should.

Connector Parts Might Be Damaged

There are connector parts associated with a water heater that are very important when it comes to the distribution of hot water. Basically, the connectors are in place to route groundwater in the direction it should go. For instance, when the groundwater flows into the plumbing system and you need cold water, it will not send it through the hot water heater. It is possible that the hot and cold connections are malfunctioning and need a repair. A technician can replace the connector parts if it is necessary.

Your Water Heater is Old & Going Out

When a water heater becomes old, it can begin to have a substantial amount of problems. The problem will usually continue to occur until the water heater goes out altogether. For instance, your water might constantly fluctuate between getting hot, and sometimes only being warm. It is also possible that you will begin to receive discolored hot water when the faucet is turned on. It is wise to replace an old water heater as soon as possible to avoid spending money on frequent repairs.

Contact a hot water service for more help.