Using Iron Railings Around Your Home: 3 Ideas

Posted on: 6 December 2018

Iron railings and balusters have been around for awhile. Some may think they have an old look to them or think they look outdated, but there are a number of styles to choose from that can give them a more modern look. If you want to add iron railings or balusters to your home, there are a number of places you can add them. Read on for a few ideas to incorporate iron railings or balusters to your home.


The stairway inside your home can get an updated look with iron. If you have older pine wood railings or painted wood railings and balusters that have been there when the house was build in the 70's and 80's, give your stairway a more modern look by adding iron instead. Use iron railings and balusters, or incorporate some wire to the iron railings for a different look. You can also use iron in the shape of Xs rather than using the traditional balusters. There are a number of ways to update an interior staircase, and if you still want wood railings, you can use iron balusters for a more traditional look.

Exterior Stairs

The small stairway leading to your home can use a railing and baluster to help those that need it get up the stairs and into your home. If you don't have a railing already, one can be installed for you. An iron railing is the best option, as it can hold up to the weather well, and won't require as much care as wood would require, plus it will last longer than a wooden one will. Have a railing installed on exterior stairs and for a more decorative look, have iron balusters installed as well. A sleek and straight iron railing can be both traditional and modern, while a railing with a design element such as a swirl on the ends can give it a modern and decorative look. Keep an eye on your exterior railings for rust spots and paint it with a rust preventative paint to keep it in good shape.


Surround a porch or patio using an iron railing and balusters. Iron mixed with wood is a good combination for a deck, even if you use wood railings and iron balusters, it is a great look for any porch or patio. It can add beauty and curb appeal to any home, and is a long-lasting choice.

If you are considering updating the railings around your home, or adding railings to existing areas of your home, think about using iron railing and balusters. Have them installed by a professional contractor, such as from Anvil Iron Works, Inc.