Well Pumps Let You Get The Water From Your Well To Your House

Posted on: 26 October 2018

When you have a well, you need to have a way to get the water from the well to your house. It isn't practical for you to send a bucket down the well and get the water up a little at a time, especially if your well had to be drilled down way deep. That's when you are going to need to have a pump. The pump will make sure that the water gets from the well to your house. When it comes to pumps, there are different kinds of pumps, but they basically break down to submersible and non-submersible. What are the basic differences other than the fact that one can go underwater and the other can't?

Non-Submersible Well Pumps

Generally, these pumps are set so that they are on top of the well, usually in their own housing or just under the well cover. The pumps tend to work by creating a suction that will go down through the pipes that lead to the water and sucks the water up out of the well and shoots it to your house. These pumps tend to work better for shallower wells because, the deeper the well, the harder the pump is going to have to work in order to get the water out of the well and to your house. That will make the pump less efficient. 

Submersible Well Pumps

These pumps are designed to go under the water and sit down at the bottom of the well. The submersible well pump will draw the water in and shoot it up to the top of the pipes and then into your house. These pumps tend to be a little stronger than other types because they have to fight the force of gravity in order to get your water to you. One benefit of these pumps is that because they are on the bottom of your well, droughts and such will have less of an effect on the water because the pump is down in the water. With a non-submersible pump, the pump may not be able to get to the water in the case of a drought or your well starting to run dry. 

Making sure that you have the water you need is important. Digging a well if you live outside of the water district will make sure that you get that water. You're going to need a well pump to make sure that the water from your well actually makes it to your house.