3 Steps For A Clogged Drain

Posted on: 21 June 2017

It can be a terrible experience finding out that you have a clogged drain. Most of the time it is going to occur from hair getting caught in a curved part of the pipe. However, there are much more serious types of clogged pipes. It is possible that the clogged pipe is actually kinked or collapsed. Having a clogged drain can mean many different things, and approaching the clog with a few different methods is the safest and most cost efficient way to solve the problem. Here are three steps to follow when dealing with a clogged drain. 

Drain Cleaner

The first step that you should take is buying some drain cleaner. You will be able to find this at most stores, and it is relatively cheap. Make sure that you follow the instructions on the bottle with exactness. One portion of the instructions will tell you to cover your eyes, and this is a very important step. The chemicals that you are putting down the drain is a very harsh base, so the pH is approximately 11. This type of pH will destroy your eyes if it gets in them. So, make sure that you cover your eyes. Just like your eyes, these drain cleaners will usually blow through a clog. If you still find your drain is clogged, move on to step two.

Pipe Snake

If you are on a septic system, using a pipe snake should be step one. The drain cleaners can kill the bacteria in your septic system. However, if you are on a city sewer and the drain cleaner does not do the job, you will want to buy a pipe snake. Pipe snakes are long wires that can be strung together. These are built to actually penetrate the clog and un-wedge whatever is caught in the pipe. If you have a normal clog then a pipe snake may be the best option.


If you are still experiencing a clogged drain, it is time to call a plumber. There is a very good chance that you have a kinked or collapsed pipe. The plumber is going to take a video camera sewer line down your drain and find exactly what is causing the problem. If the clog is just scale buildup, they will be able to streamline the unclogging process. If you indeed do have a collapsed or kinked pipe, the plumber will get to work fixing the pipe immediately. 

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