Prepare Your Roof So Squirrels Stay Away

Posted on: 3 June 2017

One of the most frustrating aspects of caring for a home is dealing with squirrels and keeping them off your roof. This can be difficult to achieve completely, but you can definitely reduce the number that end up scurrying around overhead on your house. Your roof and its surroundings are ground zero for a squirrel invasion unless you take steps to block those squirrels at every turn, and luckily, there are some very good tactics you can use now, starting with the paths to your roof. While this might seem like a job for a pest control company, a roofing contractor is a good ally here, too, because he or she is the one who can actually repair anything wrong with the roof.

Block Exterior Pathways

If you can make it harder for squirrels to reach your roof in the first place, you're doing well. Have tree branches trimmed back, which will also protect your roof during storms, and screen the bottom of the downspout so that squirrels don't attempt to climb through (though if you do that, place a gutter guard on your roof gutters to prevent leaves from flowing into the downspouts and getting stuck). Place pest control spinners on electrical and TV lines attached to your house.

Seal Gaps and Vents

Next, get some roofing contractors to come in and place screens and caps on vents, and to repair any holes or gaps that squirrels could squeeze through if they still manage to land on your roof. Have them inspect the flashing around the chimney, too; any opportunity to chew into your home's attic or crawlspace is one the squirrels will take. Ask the roofers to inspect everything, even the soffits under the roof.

Increase Roof Inspection Frequency

Along with that initial inspection, have roofing contractors come out to inspect your roof more often if squirrels have been a real problem in the past. Squirrels will attempt to get back into homes that they know are comfortable, so ensuring that there are no gaps or openings that the critters could squeeze through is essential. After storms, too, have roofers inspect for both damage that could be patched and areas where there might be an opportunity for the animals to get through.

Dealing with squirrels can be frustrating, but you and your roofing contractors can work together to make the roof less likely to be the source of entry for the squirrels. For more information, contact companies like Ray's Harford Home Improvement Contractors Inc.