4 Simple Maintenance Tasks That Will Keep Your Shingles from Peeling & Chipping

Posted on: 25 May 2017

As your shingle roof ages, you may begin to notice that some of the shingles start peeling and chipping away. Before long, leaks will develop when the shingles are compromised, and you'll end up with water in your attic and mold damage to your insulation.

Whether your roof is still in great shape or it's beginning to show some signs of wear, it's important to take steps to slow down the deterioration and break down of your shingles. Doing so will prevent leaks and perhaps extend the life of your roof. Here are four simple maintenance tasks to help keep your shingles in better shape.

Clean your gutters.

Most homeowners are aware that cleaning your gutters out is important to prevent foundation damage from water running down the side of the home. However, cleaning out your gutters is also important for the ongoing health of your shingles. If your gutters get clogged, water may drain more slowly from the roof, causing your shingles to stay moist for longer. This long-lasting moisture exposure increases the chances of them peeling or chipping.

Clogged gutters also cause problems in the winter because they permit ice dams to form on the edge of the roof. The ice sneaks under the shingles and peels them away from the roof. The message here is clear: clean your gutters out in the spring and fall, and your roof will remain in better condition. 

Sweep away the leaves.

In the fall, when leaves start falling, they often end up on your roof. The leaves then absorb rainwater and trap it against your shingles, which causes premature deterioration. Get into the habit of sweeping the leaves off your roof every week or two during the fall. Just make sure you don't get them in your gutters as you do so! You can find telescoping handles for brooms, which will make it easier to reach from the ground or a small step ladder.

Keep your attic vents clear.

This weekend, head up to your attic and take a look at where your insulation is placed. Make sure it is not blocking any of the soffit vents along the edge of your roof. If the vents get blocked, warm, moist air can build up inside of the attic. The heat will then be forced to escape directly through the shingles since it can't escape through the vents. This will cause the shingles to start breaking down and peeling.

If you clear the space around the vents but are still noticing that your attic feels moist and hot, you may need to ask a roofing contractor to add more vents to your attic.

Remove moss immediately.

If you ever see any moss beginning to grow on your roof, it's important to remove it as soon as possible. You can do so by using a small trowel or rake. Wedge it under the moss, and pry it off of the roof. If you allow the moss to keep growing, it will cause the shingles to break down and start peeling. 

If you notice that moss keeps growing on your roof, you'll want to make some bigger changes to fight it off. Trim back any trees that are hanging over the roof, and consider having a roof care professional spray your roof with herbicides to stop moss growth in its tracks before it causes any more shingle damage.

Take good care of your shingles, and they will keep taking care of you. To learn more about proper roof maintenance, get in touch with a gutter repair company that offers gutter cleaning, roof repair, and other similar services.