Carpet Damaged By Termites May Lead To Lawsuits: Don't Let This Happen To You!

Posted on: 20 May 2017

Damage to a home, such as problems with carpet, needs to be fixed as soon as possible to avoid personal lawsuits. One problem that homeowners may not understand is the dangers of termites in their carpets. If these pests cause damage to their carpet, they may end up suffering from a trip-and-fall personal lawsuit. Here is why home repairs are so essential to this process.

Termites Eat More Than Wood

Most people are aware that termites will eat the wood in their homes and cause serious damage. However, they may not realize that termites will eat more than wood. They only eat wood because it contains high amounts of cellulose, their main source of nutrients. Carpets also contain a lot of cellulose, making them a favorite target for termites. Often, they get under carpets and eat them from the inside out, damaging them slowly over a period of time.

When carpets show signs of damage, such as worn down fibers and ever-growing holes, termites have likely invaded a home. What is scary about this situation is that they can damage a carpet so heavily that it can become a serious tripping hazard. If this happens, homeowners are at a serious risk of a personal injury lawsuit.

Lawsuits Can Be Caused By A Lack Of Home Repair

When carpet gets damaged by termites, it can end up being a serious tripping danger. This danger could affect either the residents of the home or people who visit. If a friend or visitor trips on a damaged carpet and gets injured, they could end up pursuing a personal injury lawsuit. Avoiding this serious problem requires eliminating termites from a carpet and repairing the damaged area. This is especially true if the termites attack the hardwood area under the carpets and cause even more serious structural damage.

Managing The Problem

The first step in this home repair process is to get termites out of the carpet. As they live underneath of the carpet and attack it from there, this can be a tricky prospect. The best way to do this is to spread Borax on the carpets and let it settle into the carpet. It has to sit there for at least five days before it can be vacuumed. At this point, most of the termites should be dead. However, it is worth calling a professional to have them inspect the home and ensure they are dead.

Once the termites have been eliminated from the home, it is time to assess the damage caused to the carpets. If the damage is minor enough, a homeowner may be able to repair it. Home repairs like this are relatively simple. For example, the homeowner can use a bit of remnant carpet to replace areas damaged by the termites.

These repairs, while imperfect, are easy to implement. All that is required is cutting out the damaged carpet from the floor, cutting out a replacement piece in the same shape and size, placing double-sided tape beneath it, pressing it into place, and trimming stray fibers.

However, if these repairs still end up causing a personal injury due to tripping, the homeowner is likely to be liable. That's why it's best to call a home repair specialist right away. They can help avoid this problem by properly repairing the carpet. You can also check out sites like for more information.