3 Costly Commercial Fence Mistakes To Avoid

Posted on: 21 April 2017

A fence is meant to be a highly functional piece of equipment for your business. Whether it's for security or some other purpose, a fence is meant to be more helpful than harmful. However, there are several mistakes you can make that can actually end up costing you in both the short- and long-term. Make certain you know what to avoid.

Selecting By Price

When shopping for a new fence, don't make price your only criteria. If you do, you are bound to make a mistake. In terms of cost, it often doesn't get much cheaper than chain link, but the primary problem is that chain link doesn't work for every instance.

For instance, if your main purpose for installing the fence is privacy and security, the chain link isn't going to provide much of this. You will likely end up with a fence that doesn't meet your needs, prompting you to end up replacing the fence much sooner than you had expected, which will only cost you in the end.

Not Hiring A Contractor

Another mistake that can be costly is not relying on a professional. Sure, as a business owner, there are a few things you can do on your own, but there are also things you shouldn't be doing, and installing a fence on your own often falls on this list.

One issue that can occur when you install a commercial fence on your own is that you might not properly adhere to your property line. In most municipalities, even being slightly over your property line won't just lead to hefty fines, but you will likely be required to dismantle the fence and reinstall it correctly.

Overlooking Maintenance

It's also important to not overlook maintenance. It doesn't matter how durable the fence is, there is a certain level of maintenance that must be performed in order to keep the fence in good condition. If you fail to consider this, the fence won't last very long, and you will only be left paying more in repair costs.

For instance, with a wood fence, even if the wood is sealed before installation, you will need to perform routine reapplications of the sealant. Not applying the sealant will leave the wood exposed and could cause it to rot prematurely, which will only bring extra costs.

Don't make these mistakes. Consider relying on a professional fence installer to assist you, and ensure you're properly taking care of your fence.