Got A Slope Causing Soil Erosion? 3 Ways You Can Prevent It From Happening

Posted on: 3 April 2017

Soil erosion occurs when wind or water carries away the topsoil and relocates it somewhere else whether that be to another part of your yard or outside of your yard. When the topsoil is carried away, so are the nutrients in it. Without the topsoil and its nutrients, any plants that you plant will not survive. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to prevent soil erosion, three of which are listed below.

Plant Shrubs, Cover Crops, or Grass

Planting shrubs provides the soil with shelter, and the roots from the shrubs or trees help to prevent water from washing away. Shrubs that work well for this include forsythia, flowering quince, or a shrub rose.

You can also plant cover crops, such as clover, rye, vinca, juniper, and vetch. The roots of these plants spread out that hold the topsoil in place. You can also plant grass that grows well in your area over the soil that also work by holding the topsoil in place. 

Contact a landscape contractor in your area to help you choose the right trees, shrubs, cover crops, and grass.

Add a Retaining Wall

A retaining wall works well to prevent buildup of soil coming down the slope and causing problems with your landscaping. The retaining wall also works well for drainage and directs the water to another place in your yard that will not cause damage.

If you are building a large retaining wall, you should hire a professional to build it for you. You will need a building permit if it is over a certain height. What this height is depends on where you live. If you are building a small retaining wall, you may be able to do this on your own.

You can also decorate the retaining wall by planting flowers in front of it or even planting vegetables there. Crawling plants, such as ivy or climbing roses, can also be planted that will climb up the retaining wall.

Add a Terrace  

You can install a terrace, which is like adding steps that go up the slope. Installing a terrace breaks the slope into smaller flattened levels. The terrace lets the water soak in instead of the water running off and causing soil erosion. Masonry or pressure treated wood can be used to build the terrace. When finished, you can plant flowers on each level if you prefer to make a garden terrace. If you have a large slope, you should consider hiring a professional from a company like Specialty Construction Supply to do this for you.

These three things should help you deal with your soil erosion so you can have beautiful landscaping again.