Removing A Large Amount Of Junk Out Of A House

Posted on: 18 March 2017

Did you bid on a house in an auction that has to be completely renovated? If you are now concerned because the home is full of junk and you don't know how long it will take to clean, there are ways to make the task faster. You might even be able to get all of the junk removed in one day if you put the right plan in place. You will need the right equipment and some assistance to get the job done in a productive manner. This article has suggestions that you might want to consider before moving forward with the task.

Place an Ad to Hire a Team of Workers

Being that the house that you purchased is full of junk, it can take a while to get rid of everything on your own. The best way to move the junk out of your house is by hiring a team of workers to assist. You can post an ad in the local newspaper for the help that you need. You should also check the classifieds that are listed on the internet for your area for people that are looking to make some extra money. Be prepared to pay the workers on the same day as a way to encourage them to work in a productive manner.

Set a Specific Time for the Task to Be Complete

After you have a team of workers on hand, don't allow them to work at any time that they desire. It is a good idea to set a specific time for them to arrive at your house to begin working. If the task is expected to last all day before it is complete, make sure that you allow the workers to take scheduled breaks so they won't become worn out. Put a time in the ad that informs those that are interested in the job of the time that you expect the work to be complete. Be sure to include the type of junk that they will be removing form the house, as well as photographs.

Rent a Sufficient Amount of Dumpsters

Don't move forward with getting the junk removed until you have rented dumpsters, such as from Ware Disposal. Although dumpsters are available in large sizes, you might need more than one so your house can be cleaned in one day. Ask the rental company about their guidelines in regards to what is allowed to be placed inside of the dumpsters. Once the dumpsters have been filled to capacity, the rental company will take everything to a dump yard on your behalf. Keep in mind that you will likely be charged a dump fee along with the rental price.