Increase Your Home's Security As You Let In The Breeze With Security Screens

Posted on: 13 March 2017

Do you love to let the fresh breeze into your home but fear leaving your windows open because of intruders? The solution to this problem is to have security screens installed on your windows and your screen door. This type of screen enhances your home's security while giving you the benefits of traditional screen material. Here are some things to know.

How Security Screen Protects Your Home

Security screen is mesh made of stainless steel. It is a strong and durable material. An intruder can beat it with a bat, cut it with a knife, or stab it with a screwdriver and still not be able to break in. Normal window screens would instantly crumble under such an attack. Stabbing the screen with a screwdriver might make a puncture hole, but the hole won't rip or allow the screen to be torn open. This permits you to leave your windows open without worry that someone is breaking into an open window when you're in another part of the house. You won't have to panic if you are away from home and suddenly remember you left a window open because your home will be protected by the screens.

Why Security Screen Is So Beneficial

Besides protecting your home from intruders, this type of window screen can help lower your air conditioning bills because you can open your windows more often. Fresh air blowing in the windows helps get rid of odors and gives your home a clean smell, especially if you have flowers in the yard. The screen is tough, but it is nearly invisible, so just like traditional screen material, you can see outside. This eliminates that cooped-up feeling, especially if you've been kept indoors because you're sick or because you work at home. The screen has a tight mesh so it keeps out bugs too. You can fling your windows open and not worry about mosquitoes.

Security screen is also beneficial if you have kids or dogs. The screen is so strong it won't fall out if your small child leans against it. It also stands up to scratching from dogs that get excited and claw at the window when they see something enticing outside. A dog can destroy a normal window screen in short order. Another benefit of going with security screen is that it is much cheaper than having your windows replaced with impact-resistant glass. If home security is your main concern, then security screen may be the best way to beef it up without spending a fortune on new windows. Plus, it is much more attractive than installing bars on the windows.

The key to getting the full benefits of security screen is to have it professionally installed. The strongest screen material won't do much good if an intruder can push out the frame. These screens are installed on the spot at your home so the frames and screens are installed together to custom fit your windows. This ensures the frames holding the screens are sturdy and secure, so your home has the utmost protection from intruders.