Three Tips For Commercial Garage Door Repair And Maintenance

Posted on: 7 March 2017

When you need to be sure that you can protect your business security and the flow of traffic, you'll want to learn some tips for commercial garage door repair and maintenance. If you make the most out of these tips, you will be in a great position to keep your commercial garage door operating soundly and effectively and avoid expensive problems. With these tips in mind, start getting in touch with commercial garage door repair pros who can assist you. 

#1: Focus On Garage Door Safety Tips

The most important part of caring for your garage door is respecting its size and danger. Make sure that no one except all the right personnel are traveling between the garage door — and never when the door is actually moving up or down. Put highly visible warning signs in the garage door area, and keep such areas dry and well lit. You should also be sure that people are wearing any necessary safety equipment, so that you're able to protect yourself and the door from any danger. Always be sure that you test the reverse mechanism on the garage door so that it does not come down on anybody during operation.

#2: Keep The Springs Healthy And Strong

The garage door springs are very important for stabilizing the door and facilitating its force. What this means is that your springs will be responsible for every bit of weight of the door and can keep you safe. Check the garage door springs regularly to make sure that they are lubricated properly and that there has not been any rust development. Be sure that you change the springs out when necessary as well. It will cost you anywhere between $50 and $300 to change out your garage door springs.

#3: Focus On The Electrical Maintenance

Since you are dealing with an automatic garage door that is electrically driven, pay close attention to all electrical mechanisms. If you notice that your automatic door opener is not working, it might have blown a fuse or tripped a circuit. Check on your fuse box or circuit breaker before taking further action. You also need to make sure that your remote is properly communicating with the garage door motor at all times. Getting a professional garage door opener repair will cost anywhere between approximately $200 and $500.

 Use these tips to get the most out of your commercial garage door maintenance and repair.