Plumbing Improvements That Will Improve Your Home When Doing Renovations

Posted on: 12 January 2017

Renovations to your home can improve value and give you modern features. When you do home improvements, plumbing upgrades will improve efficiency and reduce water consumption. Features like an energy efficient water heater, plumbing manifold, and low-flow plumbing fixtures are simple upgrades that you will want to have done with your home renovations. Here are some plumbing improvements to include in your home renovation project:

1. Updating an Old Conventional Water Heater with Energy Efficient Alternatives

Old conventional water heaters that use gas or electricity are inefficient. The old water heaters will eventually need repairs and costs are often expensive. If you want to reduce your energy costs, you should consider newer energy efficient solutions. A simple and affordable solution is to have a tankless water heat installed, which provides you hot water when you need it instead of constantly heating a tank. There are also other alternatives, such as geothermal, solar, and heat pump water heaters that are more efficient than conventional tank systems.

2. Low-Flow Water Fixtures That Help Reduce Water and Energy Consumption

Wasted water is something that will not only cause you to have a higher water bill but also contributes to energy consumption. Installing low-flow fixtures for toilets, showers and sinks will help to reduce your water consumption and energy loss. There are even the commercial faucets with sensors that can be installed in a bathroom sink to ensure that the water never gets left on again. If you have a half bath in your home that often gets used for washing hands, add a faucet with a sensor to reduce water waste and help keep the bathroom clean because no one will touch the faucet with dirty hands.

3. Plumbing Manifolds and Insulated Pipes to Reduce Energy Loss In Pipes

Plumbing manifolds are another commercial plumbing solution that are starting to be installed in homes. A manifold delivers water from the source, reducing the energy that gets wasted as water travels through plumbing lines. Manifolds can also make maintenance and repairs to plumbing systems easier. In addition to plumbing manifolds, insulating pipes is another simple improvement to reduce energy waste. Insulate all hot water lines to reduce heat loss as water travels through pipes.

Renovations are a good investment for your home and should include updates to your mechanical systems. If you are planning on doing home renovations, contact a plumbing contractor like Towers Murray Plumbing.