5 Tips For Creating A Mod-Style Bathroom

Posted on: 5 April 2016

If you have a contemporary home, a modern-styled master bathroom is an attractive complement. Hallmarks of modern décor include clean lines and simple geometry. A mod-style bathroom looks fresh but surprisingly luxurious. While planning your bathroom makeover, implement modern design for a chic master bathroom.

Start with Subway Tiles

Plain white subway tiles set a neutral base for your mod-style bathroom. It doesn't matter if you have them laid in a classic running or stacked bond style. However, consider having them grouted in charcoal gray to show off the pattern. Moreover, keep the tiling consistent throughout the bathroom for the most cohesive look.

Keep it Monochromatic

Along the same lines, consider going monochromatic with your bathroom. A monochromatic bathroom is one of the most elegant décor options. Choose a simple color such as gray. Let the tiling be white, but choose gray for the countertops, paint and décor. For instance, top a gray-painted vanity with gray granite, and hang a steel-rimmed mirror on the wall.

Install a Glass Shower Enclosure

Glass is one of the best materials for your modern-styled bathroom. Not only does it offer the clean lines typical of the style, but glass reflects light back into the space. Utilize glass in your shower enclosure. Consider having a seamless glass enclosure installed to minimize the visual impact of the structure. Alternatively, hang a glass shower door that features panes rimmed in industrial-look metal.

Choose Statement Lighting

The best plan for lighting your bathroom is layering lights. However, the center of your layered lighting is a statement lighting fixture. Home and Garden TV suggests choosing a mod chandelier for the center of your bathroom. Look for a chandelier made of industrial materials and featuring LED bulbs. Additionally, choose a chandelier with the sleek lines and clean geometry characteristic of contemporary décor.

Include High-Tech Options

When it comes time to decorate your mod-style bathroom, keep it high-tech. For example, have the bathroom wired for sound. Likewise, consider hanging a flat screen television on the wall. A geometric TV not only provides the technology, it offers a geometric profile even when turned off. It's even possible to choose a truly high-tech option such as a sonic shower. These feature lights and scent in addition to multiple sprays. A sonic shower would be a deluxe addition to your modern bathroom.

Start with a neutral base, and keep details to the minimum, for a mod-style bathroom that complements your contemporary home and your lifestyle. Contact a company like Patriot Construction for more information.