5 Ways To Reduce The Cost Of A Land Survey

Posted on: 29 January 2016

The cost of a land survey can vary greatly based on the size of the plot you want surveyed, how much research the surveyor has to complete, and how long the survey takes when they arrive at your property. While land surveys are an important investment if you are considering building or have a boundary dispute with one of your neighbors, you may be wondering how to reduce the cost of your survey and make it more affordable. Below are five ways that you can potentially reduce the cost of a land survey. 

Find Your Own Deed and Plat 

Before your land surveyor begins, they will need a copy of your deed and the most recent plat available for your property. This is how they will know which markers to look for and what the general survey of your land will include. Providing a copy of your deed should be easy, because you should own a copy. However, to look for a plat you may have to go to your local courthouse and request a copy of any plats for your property. Not all properties have been platted, and it is possible that there are multiple plats for your property. If your property has multiple plats, you should request a copy of the most recent plat. 

Providing these documents to your surveyor saves them the time of looking them up and, in return, saves you money. 

Move Items Near the Property Line For a Faster Survey 

If you have items near the property line that the surveyor has to go around or move to complete their survey, this could slow their progress. Because most surveyors charge by the hour, an unkempt property can end up costing you more. You may want to trim shrubs and cut any excessively high grass before your surveyor arrives. Additionally, tidy your yard and put away any items that are not permanently placed to make for the easiest, fastest survey possible. 

Discuss the Survey With Your Neighbors Ahead of Time 

If your neighbors see a strange person on or near their property, they may want to understand what they are doing there. If your surveyor has to stop to answer questions or appease an angry neighbor, this could extend the amount of time needed to complete the survey. To prevent this, talk with all of your neighbors and let them know when you plan to have the survey completed. 

Perform Your Own Survey

Many survey markers are buried or difficult to find. If you feel confident with your compass skills, you can complete your own amateur survey and potentially reveal some hidden markers ahead of time, making your professional surveyor's job easier. Keep in mind that only a professional surveyor can move boundary markers. When you uncover makers, it is important that you leave them where they are, even if you think that they are not in the right place. 

Only Get the Type of Survey You Need 

There are several types of land surveys, such as a location survey and a boundary survey. Each survey offers different amounts of information, such as just marking your boundaries, noting new construction and changes in the property, or making an entirely new plat for your land. A full ALTA or ASCM survey is the most detailed but is often unnecessary for most home owners. Knowing exactly what type of survey you need allows you to order the lowest cost survey that suits your current needs. 

When you buy a property or have a dispute with a neighbor, a land survey can be necessary. However, there are several ways that you can make it more affordable. 

For more information, talk with a land survey company, such as Community Sciences Corporation.