5 Reasons Why You May Want To Install An Exterior Drain Tile In Your Garden

Posted on: 11 January 2016

Usually, exterior drain tiles are associated with the protection of your basement or foundation. However, these water management systems can also be useful in your garden. In gardens, drain tiles usually follow the low areas of your land to promote faster draining of excess surface water and maintain high water tables at a reasonable level. It is a project that you can complete on your own, but professional contractors will have the tools and experience to maximize your drainage by installing a drain tile with proper slope and surface access. If you are a serious gardener with a large garden, there are several reasons why you might want to consider installing an exterior drain tile in your garden. 

Earlier Planting In the Spring

One of the main benefits to keeping your water table in your garden well drained is that your soil will usually be ready for planting earlier in the spring. After the wet winter season, excess water will drain away from your garden area instead of being held in your soil and waiting to evaporate. This can make your soil perfect for planting sooner, whereas if you have to wait for natural evaporation. you may have a soggy garden for many more weeks before you can start outdoor planting.

Additionally, because you can control the path of your drain tile, you can target low areas that usually remain wet for longer periods to help your garden drain evenly, giving you a consistent soil wetness throughout your entire garden.   

Reduces Salinity In Low Areas 

One problem you may have is excess salinity in low areas of your garden. This is because as groundwater from higher elevations seeps into lower areas, the water comes near enough to the surface to evaporate, leaving behind its salt and minerals. This can create patches in your garden where it is difficult to grow certain crops. By creating a drain tile that allows groundwater to drain away from your garden without reaching the surface in low areas, you can reduce your problems associated with excess salinity. 

Consistent Water Levels Throughout the Season 

You may be worried that with a drain tile installed, your garden will become too dry during the peak of summer. However, that is unlikely because a properly installed drain tile drains excess table water, not surface water. This leaves the accessible surface water that your plant needs in your garden soil. At the same time, it encourages your plants to reach their roots down deeper into the soil, giving you stronger, healthier plants. 

There is a small possibility that you will face excess dryness during a drought or particularly dry season. However, this can be controlled by installing an irrigation system along with your drain tile. 

Possibility to Add Irrigation Options

If you live in an area that has particularly dry summers, you may find that you need a way to add surface water to your garden as well as remove table water from hard clay layers below the surface. Installing a drain tile provides you with a perfect opportunity to install a pump to reverse water flow and help irrigate your garden when it is overly dry. This can give you maximum control over your garden's water levels. 

A Fuller Harvest

Earlier planting, deeper root systems, and healthy salt levels all work together to give you more control over when and what you can plant and, ultimately, can result in a full harvest. 

If you have problems with a soggy garden in the spring, remember that drain tiles are not only for the protection of your foundation. They can also give you more control over your garden. 

For more information or for professional installation, contact general contractors in your area or visit websites like http://www.rite-waywaterproofing.com.