Ways To Improve The Safety And Aesthetics Of Your Vehicle's Windshield

Posted on: 25 August 2015

The windshield of your vehicle is the first line of defense from inclement weather, wind and objects that fly up from the road and hit your car. If you have a severely damaged windshield marred by cracks or chips, it is important to replace or repair the glass as soon as possible for the safety of you and your passengers. You do not have to settle for a run-of-the-mill windshield replacement. You can order upgrades that provide added safety and enhance the aesthetics of your vehicle.

Laminated Safety Glass

If you have an older vehicle that has never had its windshield replaced, the windshield will not have the latest safety features. When you replace your windshield, make sure that the product installed by windshield technicians consists of laminated safety glass. You can order laminated windshields for a wide variety of cars and trucks.

Unlike older types of windshields that may break into shards upon extreme impact, a laminated windshield will hold the pieces of glass together, reducing the chance that you will be injured by sharp glass. The laminated safety glass does not break into dangerous shards because it consists of two sheets of safety glass with a thin layer of plastic between them. The middle layer keeps the glass from breaking into large pieces or shattering all over the interior of your car. You can visit sites like this one to continue reading more about windshield repair.

Protective Coating

You can take windshield protection a step further by adding a protective coating to the glass. Once it is applied to your windshield, the coating is not visible to the eye. However, it will make your windshield more resistant to chips, cracks and pits caused by rocks, hail and other road debris.

Windshields treated with protective coatings also repel water better than untreated glass, increasing your visibility during torrential downpours.

Protective coatings also improve the smoothness of the glass surface. This feature can help you see better at night.

High quality protective coatings will last for years and not break down due to exposure to UV light. Furthermore, you can have a windshield technician re-apply the coating when you notice a decrease in water repellence.


If you want to increase your windshield's ability to block UV rays and improve your visibility while driving, install an aftermarket tint to your windshield. The tints used for windshields are not the dark colors used on side windows that reduce your visibility. Windshield tints look clear but provide excellent protection from the sun.

Before a windshield technician installs that tint, make sure to discuss any state laws that you must comply with for applying the aftermarket product to your windshield.

Custom Decals

One way to make your car stand out from the crowd is to add a custom decal to the topmost part of your windshield. You can order the custom decals from online retailers and hire a windshield tech to apply it to your vehicle. Decals are placed on the outside of the windshield.

Keep in mind that you will have to adhere to your state's regulations on windshield decals to avoid getting a ticket. The decal should not limit your field of vision. Contact the state department of motor vehicles to find out the exact rules for decal placement on windshields.

While many states allow you to install the custom accessory on your windshield, a few others prohibit them or only let you put decals in the lower corners of the glass.

Some states also have specific rules on the color of the material used for windshield decals. For example in Colorado, you cannot use red or amber material or decals that have a metallic appearance.