5 Reasons A Portable Fence Benefits Your Parking Lot Repair Project

Posted on: 30 June 2015

Although asphalt parking lots are extremely pliable and tend to be resistant to wear and tear, their surfaces are likely to show signs of damage by developing cracks, chips, and a general look of blotchiness as time goes on. Customers pay attention to the look and feel of your store's exterior surroundings, and may even base part of their decision on whether to visit your store based on their impressions. Therfore, keeping your parking lot maintained is essential when it comes to attracting and retaining clientele.

Luckily, resurfacing your parking lot can take years off its appearance and provide many more years of reliable performance. Even if a complete reconstruction of your parking lot is needed, you'll find that the cost pays for itself thanks to customer retention. Once your repair project is scheduled, consider having a portable construction fence integrated into the repair process. Here's why:

Planned Privacy

Providing privacy for the construction crew to work in minimizes distractions while on the job and provides private accommodations for lunch breaks as well as crew meetings. A construction fence can be fitted with thick black polyurethane plastic sheets so customers aren't confronted with hot asphalt, dangerous tools, and large machinery. You may even be able to use the face of the fencing to promote your business by hanging banners along the length of the fencing.

Limit Liability

Because construction fencing creates a solid and apparent barrier between the asphalt work being done and passersby, you'll minimize the chance of having to face a liability claim due to someone being hurt while construction takes place. The fence will also protect construction crews from the dangers of stray dogs that might be curious about the parking lot work being done, which increase the risk of bites and the transmission of rabies from dog to human for both passersby and construction crew members.

Equipment Protection

Putting up a privacy fence will allow your asphalt construction crew to leave their large machines and important tools at the workplace overnight with a minimal risk of theft of damage. Not having to transport resources back and forth to the workplace can potentially save you hundreds of dollars in labor fees. It's a good idea to pair the fence with an overnight security guard to deter trespassers away from the perimeter and entrance.

Asphalt Preservation

The asphalt resurfacing or installation will need to cure before it can be driven or walked on, and a construction fence is the perfect obstacle to prevent people from doing both these things until it's completely ready for use. Keeping the asphalt free of foot and vehicle traffic until it hardens prevents unsightly indents and ensures optimized durability for years of successful use.

Your contractor will provide you with a specific asphalt curing timeline to follow for quality assurance. To ensure that people don't try to enter the parking lot once the crew is gone yet before the asphalt fully cures, post small signs near the entrance of the fencing and lock the gate with a combination or keyed padlock.

Oversight Empowerment

Using a privacy construction fencing to separate workers and passersby makes it easy to distinguish who should be working when you're onsite to oversee the project. Fencing creates an easy-to-scan work area that ensures your ability to maintain control over the project and ensures that the work area doesn't spill out into public domain. You can even use the fencing to install surveillance cameras that allow you to document the work process and potentially capture trespassing events and accidents.

Once your parking lot is resurfaced or reconstructed, you can maintain a virtually perfect setting with the help of regular maintenance. To get started on this project, contact a company like Statewide Rent-A-Fence to keep the project safe.